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Understanding Social Security Disability Insurance Denials: The Role of Attorneys in Overcoming Challenges

 Posted on July 28, 2023 in Social Security Disability

Dallas SSDI LawyerObtaining social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits can be grueling, with a significant number of initial claims being denied. Understanding the common reasons behind these denials is crucial for those seeking SSDI benefits. Today, we will delve into why SSDI claims are often rejected and explore the ways in which an attorney can provide invaluable assistance to applicants. If your claim has been denied or you have just begun pursuing SSDI, contact a lawyer to give yourself the legal support you need during this time.

Insufficient Medical Evidence 

One of the most common reasons for SSDI claim denials is insufficient medical evidence to support the disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires extensive medical documentation proving the severity and ongoing nature of the condition. An attorney can play a vital role in working with medical professionals and ensuring that all necessary and relevant medical records and reports are provided. They can also help gather additional evidence, such as professional opinions and testimonies, to strengthen the claim.

Failure to Follow Treatment Plans

Non-compliance with prescribed treatment and therapy adversely affects SSDI claims. The SSA expects applicants to adhere to recommended medical treatments unless there are valid reasons for not doing so. However, circumstances may exist where individuals cannot afford medical treatment or face other barriers. An attorney can assist by gathering evidence that supports the claimant’s inability to follow the treatment plan, effectively advocating for reasonable exceptions to treatment compliance.

Inadequate Work History

Another common reason for denial is an insufficient work history or a recent lack of employment. Meeting the SSA’s work credits requirement is crucial to qualify for SSDI benefits. An attorney can evaluate the work history and inform applicants if they meet the necessary criteria. If not, they can help explore alternative programs or benefits suitable to the individual’s circumstances.

Failure to Meet the SSA’s Definition of Disability

Obtaining SSDI benefits necessitates meeting the SSA’s definition of disability, which requires severe impairments expected to last at least twelve months or result in death. Evaluating and presenting the medical evidence in a manner that aligns with the SSA’s guidelines can be challenging. Attorneys with knowledge of SSDI claims can aid in establishing a strong case by accurately representing the medical conditions and their efforts on the applicant’s ability to work.

The Importance of Appeals

When a claim is denied, applicants have the right to file an appeal. This is where attorneys can provide valuable support. They understand the complex appeal process, the specific requirements, and the necessary evidence. Attorneys can guide applicants through the appeal, help prepare written arguments, and represent them at administrative hearings, increasing the chance of a successful appeal and ultimately securing the SSDI benefits they deserve.

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