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Qualifications for Social Security Disability Insurance

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Social Security disability is a federal insurance program that provides monetary assistance to people who are suffering from long-term disabilities and who meet other qualifications. If you are experiencing a medical or mental condition that is preventing you from working and financially supporting your family for a significant period of time, you could be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and/or Supplemental Security Income, depending on your particular situation. At Coats & Todd, we are ready to help you navigate the process of filing your Social Security disability claim and seeking the benefits you need and are owed. We encourage you to reach out to our Dallas Social Security disability lawyers today to obtain the legal representation you need so that you can continue to move forward with your life without stressful financial hindrances.

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Am I Qualified to Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

To be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits under this program, you will need to first prove that you meet the minimum qualifications.

SSDI eligibility requirements include the following:

  • Meeting the Minimum Work Credit Requirement:You will need to show that you worked for the necessary number of years and earned the minimum Social Security work credits, which are based on your earnings.
  • Paying the Proper Taxes:You will also need to show that you have paid Social Security taxes in order to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance.
  • Having Limited Income and Resources:In order to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you must also meet certain income requirements and prove that you have limited resources.
  • Having a Disabling Condition:You will also need to prove that your condition is disabling and severe enough to prevent you from working.

What Is Considered a "Disability?"

In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, you also need to prove that you are disabled according to the Social Security Administration's standards.

The Social Security Administration asks the following questions as it assesses whether filers are classified as "disabled:"

  • Are you working?
  • Is your condition "severe?"
  • Is your condition found in the list of disabling conditions?
  • Can you perform the work you did previously?
  • Can you perform any other type of work?

These and other questions are used to assess your disability and the nature of your condition. If the Social Security Administration determines that you dohave a disability, you may be eligible to collect Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

How to Apply for Social Security Disability Insurance

In order to prove that you qualify, you will need to show that you have worked jobs that are covered by Social Security. You will also need to have a medical condition that is classified as a disability under the Social Security standards.

You can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance in three different ways:

  • Complete and submit an online application (available on the Social Security Administration's website)
  • Call the Social Security Administration's toll-free number: 972-671-9922; those who are hard of hearing or deaf can call the TTY number: 1-800-325-0778
  • Call or visit your local Social Security Administration office to apply in person; use the SSA's office locator to find your local office

Why Do I Need a Social Security Disability Attorney?

As you navigate the process of filing a Social Security disability claim and pursuing the benefits that you need to adequately support yourself and your family, it's important that you work with an experienced SSD attorney. While not required by law, retaining an attorney to assist you in the claims filing process can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. An attorney can help ensure that you do not make any mistakes during the filing process that could jeopardize your benefits or unnecessarily extend the length of time it takes to start receiving Social Security disability payments. Additionally, if your claim is denied, an attorney can help you begin preparing for the appeals process and represent you during the subsequent proceedings, including federal appeals and hearings.

To learn more about how Coats & Todd can assist you with your claim, contact our Dallas Social Security disability lawyers today. We have decades of combined experience helping clients through situations similar to yours and proudly serve individuals throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. We offer free case evaluations during which time you can discuss your unique situation ask us any questions you may have.

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