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If you’ve been approved for SSDI disability, you may have questions about Medicare. Luckily, we have a dedicated team that works to help maximize your Medicare benefits and answer any questions you have. If this sounds like you, read on.

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Congratulations on Winning Your Social Security Disability Claim!

Now that your Social Security Disability benefits are active, you are or will soon be entitled to MEDICARE benefits. (Medicare eligibility begins two years after your Date of Entitlement.) Your Medicare health plan choice affects how much you pay for coverage, what services you receive, what doctors you can use, and your quality of care. With all the plans, types and healthcare concerns, the last thing you want is to end up with the wrong Medicare insurance plan!

The Law Offices of Coats & Todd has worked hard to secure your disability award. MEDICARE is the very crucial last step to your disability journey and we want to make sure you understand your Medicare coverage options. For example, did you know that there are Medicare insurance policies that may cost you nothing in the way of monthly premium payments, but may SAVE YOU A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF MONEY on co-pays, deductibles and prescriptions?

To assist you with your Medicare, we have partnered with Chermol Medicare & Insurance Solutions who has helped many of our disability clients with their Medicare needs. If you have been approved for Social Security Disability Insurance ("SSDI") benefits, you should absolutely consider calling Chermol Medicare at 972-962-9336 for more information about your insurance benefits. Chermol Medicare wants to make sure: (1) disability clients are educated about Medicare and to (2) find the best option / most suitable plan for the client’s financial situation and medical needs.

The consultation with Chermol Medicare is NO COST – it is just the final step of your disability journey.

Chermol Medicare is the only insurance company in the disability space run by disability people and for disability people!


This is to give you notice that Law Offices of Coats & Todd has a business relationship with Chermol Medicare & Insurance Solutions, LLC. Because of this relationship, referrals by any of these companies to another may provide the referring company with a financial or other benefit. There are frequently other service providers available with similar services. You are free to shop around to determine that you are receiving the best services and the best rate for these services.

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