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Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply For Social Security Disability in Texas?

 Posted on September 22, 2023 in Social Security Disability

TX disabilty lawyerMany people wonder if hiring a disability attorney is necessary for applying and qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in Texas. Technically, anyone can apply for and potentially receive SSDI in Texas themselves without legal representation. However, having an experienced Social Security disability lawyer assisting your case is almost always highly advantageous and is especially crucial if your initial disability application gets denied.

Guidance Navigating the Initial Application Process

While it is possible for claimants to try completing the SSDI application forms and process themselves, the application procedure is notoriously complicated. An attorney well-versed in Social Security procedures can provide invaluable assistance in properly completing all needed paperwork, providing adequate medical records, getting physician statements, and describing how your condition prevents you from working. Having strong legal guidance from the very start of an application makes being approved on the initial application much more likely.

Building Your Disability Case

Beyond just helping with application basics, a Social Security disability lawyer can craft your case from the beginning by collecting medical evidence, getting opinions from doctors supporting disability, carefully coordinating all treatment records, and thoroughly profiling how your condition impairs your capacity to function in any type of employment on a daily basis.

Ongoing Case Management and Communication

Attorneys also adeptly handle all necessary communication with the Social Security Administration related to your claim so that things do not fall through the cracks or get lost. They persistently follow up on your case status to ensure your application is moving forward properly through the system in a timely manner with nothing overlooked. This allows you to focus on your medical treatment and care while your lawyer focuses on your claim.

Legal Experience with Appeals

If your initial SSDI claim, unfortunately, gets denied, having a disability attorney is all the more crucial for handling the appeals process successfully. They will walk you through filing Requests for Reconsideration and beyond, all while gathering additional medical evidence and affidavits to strengthen your case. Remember, most disability cases are won on appeal versus initial application, but navigating appeals without legal experience is extremely challenging.

Insight on Judges' Perspectives

Hearings before administrative law judges are where many denied SSDI cases ultimately get decided. Attorneys who routinely practice before judges develop valuable insight into how judges evaluate claimant testimony, weigh complex medical proof, and apply the nuances of disability law. This inside expertise improves claimants' chances of winning benefits at the hearing level if denied earlier.

Contact a Plano Disability Lawyer

While Social Security does not legally require claimants to have an attorney, a Texas disability attorney can help pave the path as they know the right steps to take to fight for your rights. Call The Law Offices of Coats & Todd at 972-671-9922 for a free case evaluation.

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