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Can Multiple Sclerosis Qualify You for Social Security Disability Benefits?

 Posted on August 23, 2023 in Social Security Disability

Plano, TX disability lawyerDealing with a chronic illness like Multiple sclerosis (MS) can be challenging and impact a person’s ability to work and support themselves. But did you know that you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) if you have MS? Today, we will explore what you need to know about MS and whether the condition qualifies for SSDI. For legal matters related to SSDI, contact an attorney to guide you through this critical process, which can provide immense relief for those suffering from specific ailments. 

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis 

MS is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system, causing communication problems between the brain and the rest of the body. Common symptoms include severe fatigue, muscle weakness, coordination difficulties, cognitive impairment, and paralysis. However, the severity and progression of MS can vary notably, depending on the person.

Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

The primary purpose of SSDI benefits is to provide financial support to individuals with a medical condition that prevents them from working. To qualify for SSDI, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has set certain criteria that must be met. 

Qualifying for SSDI with Multiple Sclerosis 

To be eligible for SSDI with MS, you must demonstrate that your condition significantly affects your ability to work. This can be done by providing medical evidence, such as doctor’s reports and test results that show the extent of your symptoms, physical limitations, and the impact on your daily activities. 

Proving Your Inability to Work

When applying for SSDI with MS, it is crucial to showcase how the disease impairs your ability to carry out tasks required for employment. This includes explaining how your symptoms make it challenging to perform physical activities, concentrate, learn new skills, or complete job-related tasks. Your work history and educational background will also be considered. 

Next Steps

If you believe you qualify for SSDI benefits due to MS, it is important to provide the necessary medical evidence and documentation. It is also imperative you hire an SSDI attorney, as this will significantly improve your chances of successfully navigating the application process to secure the benefits you may deserve. 

Contact a Dallas Social Security Disability Attorney

If you have MS significantly impacting your ability to work, you may be eligible for social security disability benefits. For legal help, contact the experienced Plano social security disability lawyers with The Law Offices of Coats & Todd. Call 972-671-9922 for a free consultation. 

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