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Veterans and Mustangs

Saturday, September 20th, Catherine Coats and Robert Todd attended the Mustang Extreme Makeover Finals in Fort Worth, Texas. The purpose of the Mustang Makeover is to showcase wild mustangs after they have been trained by professional trainers from across America in a period of only 100 days to perform amazing feats that are only seen in horses after years of training.

This event helps to support the Mustang Heritage Foundation in central Texas which is transforming the lives of Veterans who suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Veterans working with mustangs experience hope for healing. Working with these horses enhances their quality of life in a way medicine never can. In working with the mustangs, Veterans also learn vocational skills should they desire to work in the horse related industry. With a Veteran suicide rate averaging 22 a day, this program can be life changing. Read more about this outstanding program that pairs Veterans and mustangs.