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If you have experienced health issues that have caused you to be disabled, you are probably concerned about how you will be able to cover your ongoing expenses. Fortunately, Americans who have disabilities can qualify to receive financial assistance from Social Security. When applying for these types of disability benefits, you can ensure that you are submitting the right information and taking the correct steps by working with an attorney who understands the procedures followed by Social Security and the requirements that applicants will need to meet.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Coats & Todd have more than 60 years of combined experience, and we have helped thousands of clients successfully obtain disability benefits. Our firm focuses our practice solely on Social Security disability cases, and we have the knowledge and skills to ensure that you will meet all of your requirements when applying for benefits. We can also help you take the proper action if your disability claim has been denied, including representing you in a Social Security administrative hearing or helping you file a federal appeal.

Social Security Disability Benefits in Lewisville

Disability benefits may be available for multiple different types of health conditions, including:

  • Cancer- If certain parts of the body are affected by cancer, if cancer is inoperable or affects multiple bodily systems, or if treatment for cancer results in severe side effects, a person may qualify for disability.
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) - This neurological disorder will result in disability if at least two extremities are affected or if a person experiences severe limitations on physical or mental functions.
  • Diabetes - Disabling health issues resulting from diabetes may include kidney disease, cardiovascular disorders, nerve damage, or amputation of limbs.
  • Crohn's disease - Inflammatory bowel disorders may lead to disability if they result in multiple hospitalizations or other serious health concerns.
  • Lupus - This immune disorder may cause disability if it affects multiple organs or bodily systems or places significant limitations on the daily activities a person can perform.
  • Cerebral palsy - If this developmental disorder affects a person's physical or mental functions and limits their ability to perform work or communicate with others, it may be considered a disability.
  • Back pain and injuries - Conditions that affect the spine and spinal cord, such as herniated discs or degenerative disc disease, may lead to disabilities if they affect a person's ability to move and perform tasks while working.
  • Asthma and COPD - Disorders that restrict airflow in the lungs or limit a person's ability to process oxygen may be considered disabilities if they result in hospitalization or other serious health problems.
  • Carpal tunnel - Damage to the nerves in the wrists and hands due to repetitive motion may affect a person's fine motor skills, and they may be disabled if this limits their ability to work.
  • Hearing impairment - A person may be considered disabled if they have limitations in their ability to hear with or without cochlear implants.
  • Vision impairment - A person may be considered disabled if they have experienced loss of visual acuity, loss of peripheral vision, or loss of visual efficiency.
  • Mental illnesses - Mood disorders or other issues affecting mental health may be considered disabilities if they affect a person's ability to process information, interact with other people, adapt to the workplace, and maintain concentration while working.

Our attorneys can help you determine whether you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). We will ensure that the correct medical evidence is provided in an application for disability benefits, and we will demonstrate that your health condition meets the requirements to be considered a disability. If Social Security denies your disability claim, we will help appeal this decision and fight to make sure you receive the benefits that will allow you to provide for your family's needs.

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