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There are many health problems that can prevent a person from working. Certain types of diseases or illnesses can affect the ability to move the body and maintain enough energy to complete tasks throughout the work day. A serious injury can also limit a person's mobility, temporarily or permanently affecting their ability to return to work. Issues affected mental health can also lead to disabilities, especially if they affect a person's ability to communicate and interact with others or maintain concentration on tasks. For those who suffer from any of these types of issues, disability benefits provided by Social Security can offer the necessary financial assistance.

Whether a disability is a temporary setback or a permanent impairment, it is important to work with an attorney who can assist with an application for disability benefits. The Law Offices of Coats & Todd provides dedicated legal help to those who are disabled, and we can work with you throughout the process of applying for and securing disability benefits. Our lawyers have been working in this field for a combined total of over 60 years. If you are planning to apply for disability benefits, or if your disability claim has been denied, we can fight on your behalf to help you receive the benefits that will help you meet your needs.

Legal Help With SSD Cases in Denton

The disability benefits available through Social Security will depend on an applicant's employment history, their ability to perform work they had done in the past (known as their residual functional capacity or RFC), and their financial resources, including the assets they own and any income they are currently earning. If a person had maintained regular employment for multiple years and paid Social Security taxes during this time, a new disability that prevents them from working may allow them to receive disability benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. In cases where a person does not have an extensive work history, such as when they have a disability that affected them as a child and prevented them from pursuing employment as an adult, they may qualify to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

To qualify as a disability, a condition affecting a person's mental or physical health must last for at least one year, and it must prevent a person from earning income that would be considered substantial gainful activity (SGA). Some health conditions are considered severe enough to qualify a person to receive disability benefits automatically. If a health condition does not meet these requirements, they will need to prove that they are disabled by providing medical evidence demonstrating that their illness or injury has affected their ability to do work they had performed in previous jobs or find other forms of work that would enable them to maintain SGA.

Our attorneys can help with disability cases involving different type of health issues, including:

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Regardless of the type or severity of disability you have experienced, our attorneys can help you apply for disability benefits, provide the necessary medical evidence to show that your condition has affected your ability to earn an income, and address the denial of a claim or any other issues that could affect your ability to receive benefits. Contact our office at 972-671-9922 to schedule a complimentary consultation and get the legal help you need.

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