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Frequently Asked Questions About SSDI & SSI

Do you need assistance obtaining information regarding your Social Security disability case? At Coats & Todd, we can provide you with the answers and general information that you need regarding the Social Security program. In this section, we answer a number of questions pertaining to Social Security disability insurance and how you can receive the financial assistance you need.

What is the difference between SSDI and Supplemental Security Income?
Individuals who are disabled or blind will need to have paid Social Security taxes to be eligible for insurance benefits under this program. To be eligible for Supplemental Security income, a disabled individual will need to meet different criteria, including:

  • Have limited income
  • Have limited resources
  • Be a United States citizen or national
  • Live in the U.S. or Northern Mariana Islands

Other differences include the payment and medical coverage available from the two programs.

What are the benefits of hiring a disability advocate who is a lawyer?
With the help of a disability advocate who is an attorney, you will have a better chance of achieving a successful outcome. He or she will have graduated from law school and passed the Texas State Bar exam. Your attorney will be able to effectively detect legal issues related to your case.

Who is eligible for disability benefits from Social Security?
Under Social Security laws, individuals are only considered disabled if a medical condition is expected to keep them from working for a minimum of 12 months. The disability can either be a physical condition, mental condition, or a combination of both.

If I need to apply for benefits, what should I do?
You will need to seek legal attention to help you navigate the process of filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits. You will need to provide your information regarding medical conditions, medication, treatment, and work history. Contact our firm today to help get you started.

Am I required to wait a certain amount of time before filing for SSD benefits?
Immediately after becoming disabled, you should file for Social Security disability benefits. If you are suffering from a serious illness or injury and know that you will be out of work for a minimum of a year, you can take action to file a claim. The process can take time, so start right away.

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