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SSA Extends Authority to Decide Compassionate Allowance Claims

Last month, the Social Security Administration extended its authority to quickly decide and award claims under their compassionate allowance process and quick disability process. This was a carry-over since 2010, when State Agencies were allowed to quickly award such claims without having to order a special medical consultant opinion. However, at the time, the program was intended to be a short-term solution, and last year, it was set to expire in November 2014. Fortunately, SSA is renewing the program through November of next year.

This is good news for a lot of people with life-threatening illness, because the agnecy is known to have an otherwise norotiously long delay in awarding cases. Certain illnesses may qualify for this process, including many types of cancers such as some breast cancers or leukemia and other rare and terminal illnesses, like ALS. Whereas these patients would otherwise have to have their claim approved by a doctor (which delays the case), this rule allows the State Agency to award the claim without getting a physician's approval.

If you think you may qualify for special consideration under these programs, call our office for more information.